The deepness of your prayer’s request determines God’s answer to it

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After a pretty long break, I am back with a subject that hits my mind today.

The deepness of your prayer’s request determines God’s answer to it.

In other word, if you lack faith in what you ask God for, don’t expect to see this thing come true.


To accompany my title, I’d like to quote Charles H. Spurgeon when he said:

We need to be more businesslike and use common sense with God in claiming His promises. If a man were to go to the bank several times a day, lay his check at the teller’s window, and then pick it up and leave without cashing it, it would not be long before the bank would have him ordered from the premises.

People who go to the bank have a purpose in mind. They present their check, receive their cash, and then leave, having transacted real business. They do not lay their check on the counter, discuss the beauty of the signature, and point out the lovely design on it. No, they want to receive money for their check and will not be satisfied without it. These are the people who are always welcome at the bank, unlike those who simply waste the teller’s time.

Unfortunately, a great many people also play at praying. They do not expect God to give them an answer, so they simply squander their time. Our heavenly Father desires us to transact real business with Him in our praying.”


What Charles said is indeed true. Perhaps, our prayer story is similar to the bank story.

When we ask God for something in prayer but we don’t really believe in faith that He can grant us the desire of our heart, we can’t expect Him to actually reply what we just prayed for.

And let me support what I just wrote with some verses in the Bible; verses that clearly tell us about the importance of faith in action in our prayers:

James 1: 6-7

“You must have faith as you ask Him. You must not doubt. Anyone who doubts is like a wave which is pushed around by the sea. Such a man will get nothing from the Lord.”

Mark 11:23-24

“For sure, I tell you, a person may say to this mountain, ‘Move from here into the sea.’ And if he does not doubt, but believes that what he says will be done, it will happen. Because of this, I say to you, whatever you ask for when you pray, have faith that you will receive it. Then you will get it.”


If you BELIEVE, it will be YOURS.

The problem today in many Christians’ lives is that they pray God but they don’t really seek in faith.

Without believing that God can actually answer their needs, request and heart’s desires, these desires will stay vain. Let me remind you that faith honors God and God honors faith.

If you pray in an average way, you surely will get something average or even nothing.

But if you ask God in bold faith and with clear vision (cf: Terri Savelle), then you’ll receive from your Father according to His plans and Will, as it pleases Him to do so.

I do believe in a God who is above everything and with whom “all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26). Also “All things are possible to him who believes!” (Mark 9:23).

So it is again a matter of faith and heart’s condition.

When we pray, where is our heart? And what we pray about is that really what we want?

If it is so, then let us ask ourselves what’s our heart’s condition to obtain it? Do we believe in what we pray? Do we believe in a powerful God?

Yes, I know, we live in a world where there are discouragement, sickness and brokenness..

I know about brokenness; I’ve been going through painful broken relationships and this website attests it (cf: my story)… But does that prevent me from believing that God has a godly husband for me out there? No. Not-at-all. Because I know that I have an amazing and giving Father in Heaven. And in His timing, things will be made perfect and His plans will come to accomplishment.


Be encouraged today that what you ask for is heard by the Lord. He is not far and your blessings are right at the corner. But you have to press on in faith.


Remember that you are Loved | Precious | Priceless.


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