Today is not an OK day. It is not even a so-so day. Sometime when you cross people, you smile and when they ask you this usual “How are you doing?” question, your reply is “oh I’m fine thanks”. Well y’all, today is not even close to this.


And you know what? That happens. Guess why? We are human and we are not Jesus. Oh and in fact, even Jesus had days when he felt sad or concerned. But I mean by this that we are not perfect to be able to handle our emotions perfectly.


So first, to y’all girls out there who are reading me, and are deeply stuck into brokenness and pain, I want to tell you that it is normal to feel this way someday. You will have some so-so days and you will go through tough, painful days.

And my point today is to bring out the fact that PAIN IS REAL.

If you haven’t been going through a difficult time, you probably don’t know what I am talking about.

But if you have, and my blog is dedicated specifically to the ravaging broken relationships, then you know this pain very well…


The past 11 months, the ones that followed my broken engagement with my ex fiancé have been the most devastating months of my life. And people might think that time heals and life gets easier almost a year later but to be true to myself and to you (and because I think it is important on this blog to be real) it is not flowing smooth.


Today as I was driving back home from work, I remembered those mornings when I didn’t want to wake up. This time between the deep (full of nightmares) sleep and the time you are fully awake, you know what I am talking about don’t you? We call it: hypnagogia. During this time of my mornings, I knew my terrible situation and I knew that I was soon going to be awake for at least 20 hours. And I simply didn’t want to. Because when you are awake, your brain is awake, your mind is FULLY awake, your emotions are awake and open wounded as well as your heart. And this makes your days long… very long…


Did someone ever tell us that embracing pain is easy?

Girl, it is not. Those long days of agony feel like eternity. And I tell you one thing: when I think about those hours, if this is the pain we will feel in hell for eternity if we don’t believe in Jesus, then I am more than sure about my decision to follow the Son of God until He call me back!!


Of course if you are in the same situation than mine, I am not here to remind you about your pain and suffering because they are here and real and the goal is not to make it harder today than it is already. But I want you to understand that when I tell you how much comprehension I have about the state of your heart, I am not lying. I feel your pain like a cold wind in October, annunciating the coming of the fall. I feel the hurt in your body, this indescribable pain in your lower back, this difficulty to even eat a fruit because it gets stuck before the entrance of your stomach. And why should you eat after all, you wonder? You are not even hungry…

Yes, I have been there. And still there are days like today when I feel weak and vulnerable by the end, when the sun starts its race behind the mountains. And at this very moment, when in tears I look in the distance, I can feel the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart and telling me:


“Dear friend, don’t lose hope. Take courage because the race is not over. The sun disappears right now and it’s all dark, the moon even seems defeated and tired of showing up tonight… But there is a time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance (Ecclesiastes 3:4). The sun will rise again! And its sunlights with gently cuddle your face and dry your tears”


Girl, PAIN IS REAL. Pain is not the friend we want to have for life. Pain seems to keep knocking on our door, asking if it can enter our home and stay for a while. And we don’t want to welcome it. We don’t want this sneaky fake friend to get comfortable in our heart, in our home. But reality is that if you don’t embrace pain in the process, somehow you will never heal. Because in order to heal from something, we need to feel the pain; the trigger that announce something is going wrong.


And here again I get you; who wants to feel pain? Nobody. I personally never wanted. But I understood that I had to go through this to move on and heal.


And the good news in all your mess is that you don’t need to move on alone in this process. The best partner able to help you today is Jesus Christ. Pain? Oh He knows. He has been rejected, abandoned, mistreated, mocked, cursed, spit on and crucified! So in the area of pain, I think He knows the whole mall!

And He is here today to tell you “Sweetie, you don’t have to handle this alone. You don’t have to prove people you are tough by yourself. Being hurt and showing your weaknesses are not shameful. I am here to carry you on. I am this sunlight that cuddles you and dries your tears. I am your perfect Guy helping you to wait patiently in faith for me to act. And you know I will, because I am not a man who lies and my Word and my promises are unchangeable!”


Girl, you can rest in Him. You can trust in Him. You can let go. Jesus handles it. He got this. And today, I needed this reminder as well as reminding you of it.


Remember that you are loved, you are precious for God, you are His priceless child and THERE IS MORE coming for you.

Hang on there, He will not let you fall.


Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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