Hi everybody,

This article will be a little different than the other ones because I have been hearing the Holy Spirit telling me « it’s time to use your blog as I always wanted you to use it ».

Long story short ; I received a word of knowledge a few years ago, from a Church based in Temacula (CA) and the pastor received from the Holy Spirit that I would somehow minister in a specific subject for a specific people : women.

I never really felt close to that idea but kept the word in the back of my head, until this very year 2016 where everything became clear. However I didn’t really know how it would end up on the blog so my previous articles are mainly written for both men and women.

I knew I had a quite difficult story and that the Lord had His word to say by using my story, but I had no idea when and where.

To fully understand the deep meaning of my thoughts right now, you need to know my story in its whole and without any filter.

As you probably read in my previous posts, I started this blog because I was about to get married the past year to my best friend but he decided for no specific reason to cancel the wedding and break up 3 weeks before the big day. You can imagine that this situation has been a shock for me and my heart but what a very few of you know or have noticed is that the exact same situation happened to me 4 years ago already. And it is at this moment that I received this word, saying that my brokenness would be used by God to speak to women all around the world and to let them know they are loved by God, no matter what brokenness they are going through.

Now, I got this word 4 years ago, without knowing or even imagining that the same horrible story would knock at my door 4 years later.

In between those 2 situations, I kept the vision on my heart but had nothing more to do with it, as I had myself unsolved issues in my heart, unsolved pain and brokenness that haunted my little world. How could I possibly help broken women if I myself was broken ?

But believe it or not, it’s only when I’ve been broken the second time and in the midst of the worse state my heart could know that I decided to open my journal 5 months ago and share with you those lines.

It’s when I was on the bottom of the pit, crying and screaming after life, wondering why I had to go through this again and again that Jesus told me with His still voice « Honey, I am with you in this situation. And though it hurts, I will show my glory through it. You will prove women that I am greater and bigger than their biggest wounds ».

So from today dear reader, that you are a man or a woman, you will find the same intensity in my writing but it will be simply directed to women and girls, as I feel called to specifically speak to their heart. Guys, you still can read and identify your pain to mine though 😉

However, I think that the heart of a woman has something so special that it has to be wrapped in soft cotton and to be spoke softly with attention and it has in the same time to be waken up in order for them to become warriors!

I think that women have their word to say in our today’s generation and in order to speak frankly and with wisdom, they need to heal first from all the wounds that are still renting some places in their heart.

Girls, you have been broken in multiple ways and one particular way that hurts to the point to think about committing suicide (no kidding) is when we feel rejected and abandoned by the one we love.

What is more frighten for a girl than to be dumped like a vulgar sock thrown on the ground, just before what should have been the most beautiful day of her life, being abandoned by a husband who have found « happiness » in the arms of someone else or being thrown away by a boyfriend at a moment of life that seemed like the bloom of so many promises !

If that happened to you, I am right here with you. I understand and I want to tell you that you are not alone. Because beside the fact that I understand your pain and suffering, there is someone greater who understands even better because He has been abandoned as well, He has been rejected and left away. He has been mocked and mistreated. This loving and caring person is no other than JESUS.

And it requires a complete open heart in the midst of pain to fully embrace His love. It is too great to understand and very often that’s what brings us into confusion, what makes us run away instead of gently accepting His open arms.

It took me a while to understand that fully hearing from Jesus and fully knowing Him requires more than just worshiping Him through some songs on Sunday morning and having some bible reading duties once in a while.

To be here today, and being able to tell you about my healing process, I have had to pass through fire and hell honestly! I have needed to feel powerless on my own to finally start to open the bible in the right way, open my heart completely to my Lord and Savior and since then, this changed my lifeRemember that it is when you are weak that you are strong in Jesus. And you will experience this only by spending time with your creator.

We will talk more deeply about my healing process in another topic but to close this one girls, I just quickly wanted to tell you about Christa Black Gifford’s book « Heart Made Whole ».

This book has been a revelation to me and so far, has played a huge role in my healing process. I advise you to buy it as soon as possible, this book is a gift from God.

Be blessed,

Kath Leen

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