« Hope »…a theme that comes back very often in a lot of different ways and it seems like we already went around the question a multiple time, isn’t?

However, “Hope” for me is a theme that looks like to change on our road of maturity.

When we are a child, as boys we hope to get under the tree, the racing car that we just saw in a commercial on TV or as girl, the Barbie Playa with her great amazing pink car that makes us feel like we are pretty cool for 6 years old, showing all our girlfriends the latest gift we received and confirming we will have the same car when we will be old enough to drive.

When we are teenager, we hope for a motorcycle or for our mom to accept the new hair color we would like to have (red or purple were my ‘jam’ at the time).

Then when we hit adulthood, our hope is a total different story. Right?

For me, as an adult and young woman, my hope was to find the right one; the perfect imperfect husband, to create my own family and to glorify God in the process.

And as the years passed by, going from the wrong boyfriend to the wrong fiancé, passing by 2 broken engagements, I admit I had to face God and ask Him “Alright God, what is wrong that I am not blessed on this!?”

But dear reader, it’s only when you hit the ground and you feel helpless and weak that you get it! I had to feel God breaking my pride and selfishness, making me weak and vulnerable the past months, in order to understand Him. And suddenly, coming like a fresh wind, His Spirit explained me where I was and what He was waiting from me. And that time, I was willing to listen. I had to submit to Him and to press on through the trial, believing that as God and my Father, He has the perfect plan for my life.


How do you see hope? And what is hope for you?

Hope in yourself? Hope in your abilities? Hope that someday life will or might work out?

The way you understand “HOPE” will determine the way you live it!

See, hope can’t go without faith and faith can’t go without hope. When you hope in something, you have to apply Mark 11:23-24, believing that “we can pray for anything and if we believe we received it, it will be ours”.

If you don’t active your faith by hope dear friend, you will never see the glory and wonders of God.

I would like to quote Austin Bevere in one of his preaching when he said “Hope is what gives substance to our faith. Without hope, my faith is without direction. Hope activates my faith! » And « Pressure strengthens my hope. So trials are here to make me press on in hope by faith!”

Understand this dear reader:  we are placed here on earth for a MISSION and a REASON. If we don’t get this and life turns only around us, we will never get from the point A to the point B where God wants us to go. In my previous post, I already said “it is not about us, it’s all about Jesus”. And when this truth hits your heart, nothing will ever be the same. It’s when you understand that “all being about Jesus” means actually “God how can I serve YOU today, how can I serve YOUR Kingdom and not serving myself first”. When we get this truth as Christian, we gain something totally worth it. We gain a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior, knowing by faith that He will bring us on the best pathway for our life.

Don’t let “yourself” get on the way of God’s plan for you!!!! Don’t let the visible makes you doubt about the amazing plans God has for you.

Worldly hope focuses on point A, on where I am right now.  Bible hope focuses on point B, where God is bringing me” ~ Austin Bevere

Today and more than ever in my life, I focus on point B by faith and determined to press on through trials. Today I thank God for what happened in my life, making 2016 the worse year of my life but also the best one. I finally understood how great my God is. And you, did you realize that our God IS the God of all hope?

Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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