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I realize I didn’t write since the past month of July. The reason is quite simple; I have been in the United States for vacation without a computer. Connecting with y’all has been pretty fun through Instagram and Facebook or YouTube but writing is one of my favorite things to do and I missed it.

I am back and you might be exciting to get through my new article, thinking about something brand new. I hope I won’t disappoint you… my today subject is a well known subject on this blog and one I use very often, not because I lack imagination but because I’d love you to realize how important it is: Faith and all what it goes with.

I was praying this morning and if some of you have seen my last YouTube video (right here >>>), you probably heard that I got such a good encounter with God in the midst of tears (yep, always crying, to sensitive ^^).

The first picture that came in my mind was Abraham and the way he pressed on for 24 years until God accomplished His promise; Abraham finally received a son. Now, the story sounds like a fairytale and we might have the tendency of thinking “Awwwww what a nice story! Of course, let us not doubt God, it was obvious that God would answer Abraham’s desire”. Yes, we can think this way because we know the end of the story! But what about Abraham’s heart in the midst of those 24 years? And what if some people were often coming to him like “Alright, alright, alright old man. Cool promise, cool story but you know…you’ve been waiting for like 5, 10, 20 years now. What about being realistic and going back to where you came from eh?!”

Did you ever get people like this around? You know the kind of people that can totally destroy a dream if you can’t stand your ground. Well, I did have people like this around me. I still do. And not just people… Satan is the first one doing this. Hidden being people’s words or simply whispering this into our mind, satan is really good at it. Don’t ever listen to people when God clearly talked to you in a certain way for a certain dream.

Then I thought about David, the King David. Before being King of Israel, remember, David was nothing more than a shepherd and guiding his flock through the rocky ways of the mountain. One day, God told him that he would be King of Israel and this took A LONG time of suffering, assault from the actual king Saul, pain, rejection and abandonment before he indeed became King. And while patience was calling him to be still and wait for God, people probably came to him (you know, his “so called” friends that were actually mocking him) and told him “Alright, alright, alright young boy. Your story sounds amazing and really interesting but taking care of sheep is so much better than taking care of a land and people. Too much stress, too much work. Don’t do that to yourself. Stay in your mountain, God will thank you and you’ll thank yourself later! Be wise.”

Wise? People use the word wisdom everywhere. But what’s amazing in listening to God, is that when you know the desire growing in your heart comes from Him, the real wisdom you can apply is to follow his lead, no matter what people say or think.

For long time, I’ve been around people thinking that my dreams, desires and ideas where too weird, too big, too unusual for coming from God; they must come from me.

Well, you know what? We serve the God of the universe, the God who created us and knows us even more than we know ourselves. And we think that THIS amazing God would not be able to answer our needs and desires? That it’s too hard for Him to do miracles?

Which God do you serve?

I serve the God who says in His Word that “For nothing is impossible with God” (~Luke 1:37); “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (~ Matthew 19:26); “I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you.” (~Job 42:2)

And His Word is true. And His promises are YES and AMEN. Based on this truth, I do believe that God is able to fulfill our biggest desires.


Talking about desires, mine include: finding my perfect imperfect husband (American please! ^^ Why? Because it’s on my heart for years now and it takes way much more place than if it was just my own desire. And if God introduces me to a French one? Well, His will be done as He knows best); getting married; having my own family; ministering in a place I can use English and why not moving to the USA, Lord willing.

You might think “Wooow this is a long list of desires!”

Yes. It is. But I have a rich and generous heavenly Father! And if I don’t believe that He is able to provide for this specific list of desires, who would ever be able to?

Let us not underestimate God. Let us trust Him no matter what comes our way. Let us be submissive and listening. And let us have FAITH that He is able to answer and to satisfy our deepest desires. Because faith honors God and God honors faith.


You are loved.

You are precious.

You are priceless.

Press on, because There Is More.


Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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