Living life is about faith.

Yes, it seems that the subject comes back very often on my website. And this is simply because faith is the basic of our Christian life. We need a big reminder about FAITH.

“It is in the fiercest storm that our biggest faith grow”

What we really need to understand is that it’s always about faith.

Psalm 121 tells us:

Verse 3: He will not let your foot slip —  he who watches over you will not slumber

Verse 5: The Lord watches over you —  the Lord is your shade at your right hand

Verse 8: The Lord will watch over your coming and going —  both now and forevermore.

How can we still doubt about the way God will provide for us when we read such a Psalm?! How can we doubt about his provision and his protection? If we doubt, that means we don’t believe His Word. But His Word holds truth. And if it does and we don’t believe, it means by definition that we don’t believe His Word being true. And not believing in the truthfulness of His Word means that we lack faith.

A lack of faith cannot please God. God is looking for worshipers and people having such a faith that when the worse happens, it will not weave us or make us change our mind regarding who God is and regarding His goodness and faithfulness.

What is great in the bible when we press on reading the Gospel, is to know that Jesus’ disciples as well struggled with the area of faith and actually many other areas.

Have a look at Peter when he was walking on the water and suddenly sank because he stopped focusing on Jesus. Or look at Thomas who was clearly and loudly saying “If I don’t see the mark of the nails in His hands, put my finger into the mark of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will never believe!« … How little faith will say Jesus.

And how many times we have been like them. So yes, I tell you girls, it’s pretty cool to jump into the Word also to see that no one is greater and perfect and all of us have struggled some day and all of us need Jesus’ power.

When you look closer at the story of Peter, he was the most proud and arrogant in between all of the disciples. He has been the one saying to Jesus “I will die for you!

And what has been the result? He freaked out and denied Jesus 3 times. Not once, but 3 times!

Isn’t it showing us that he as well lacked faith? Yes. Yes, Peter lacked faith at this very moment, just before Jesus’ crucifixion.

But when we press on into the Word, what is amazing and beautiful, is to see how Jesus loved Peter anyway the way he was and the restoration He brought into Peter’s life.

And this, girls, is a big encouragement for us. Because we know then that Jesus will love us the way we are even when we mess up.

I used to be proud and arrogant as well and I am still currently working on this temper issue. I am like Peter 🙂

And when you look at the similitude of our stories, I had as well to be broken and so deeply broken in order afterward to be fully restored by Jesus.

Peter had to deny Jesus 3 times, to feel ashamed, to be told nicely by Jesus 3 times “Peter do you love me?” and to face his brokenness in order to afterward be fully restored and becoming the builder of the Church!

Peter’s story is not about the time he has been reprimanded but the real final story is that this broken situation brought him into a deep humility of heart and restoration in order to become the builder of the Church!

And my final story is not about a cancelled wedding 3 weeks before the big day and an abandonment by my fiancé but the real ending story is about the restoration Jesus is bringing to my heart in order to make me enter into my ministry for brokenhearted.

Your broken story is not your real end story! The end result is not the storm you are going through right now. There is more girls! Give Jesus the opportunity to show you where He really wants to bring you. The real end result is where He will use you in, for His ultimate glory. And this is what we need to focus on.

There is a good news about the story of Peter! He has been broken, but then he has built the Church! Can you imagine what God wants to do with your life?! You are broken but God has a plan behind it! I cannot wait to see what amazing plans awaits all of us!

Let us press on in FAITH!

Because There Is More.


Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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