Hello y’all!
Southern girl? me?
Oh no. No no. But for having been in Alabama the past Christmas and having a great friend living there, « y’all » is an expression I hear all the time when she and I Facetime and though I could say I don’t like this weird expression, I quite love it in the same time ^^.
So, let me enjoy it one more time: Y’ALL! hihi (French laugh) Ah! (American laugh)
This post is actually not about the USA (this will be one of my next articles) but we will talk about Dubai.
Amazing and interesting place where you will find the biggest tower in the world, a ski pist in the middle of a mall or also a fountain dance, way bigger than the one from the Bellagio in Vegas.
Dubai is well known for being one of the wealthiest place in the world since quite a few years now.
It is actually the #3 wealthiest country in the world and is also home to The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall.
The country is made up of seven emirates, governed by a president and boasts an impressive GDP per capita of $57,744.
The country is home to 8.26 million people and specializes in petroleum, petrochemicals, aluminum, and cement.
As I am working for a company based in Dubai, I have gotten the privilege to visit the country while I was training people of our company there.
And I can tell you that we can not escape the idea that this country is rich ! Very rich !!
Now, after having been there quite a few time, there is one subject that started to cross my mind the last time I was visiting : is this unlimited richness making people happy ?
I have been in the most beautiful and rich places there, like the Burj Al Arab (the only 7 stars hotel in the world, made mostly with gold) or on the top of the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world. I have seen the most rich people crossing my way with the most expensive car or jewelry. Celebrities and wealth people have their own restaurant or club or bar and the « Palm » as it is called  is filled with eccentric hotels where I could not afford even for a night there.
All this richness… but do these persons realize that what they call richness here is called dust in heaven?
And like the bible say in Mark 8:36 « For what does a man have if he gets all the world and loses his own soul? »
Ok, I admit, it feels always good to believe or pretend we are part of their world for a short time. I can’t lie about this own feeling I got and for one minute, I felt like « somebody ». But let’s be honest ; in the eyes of humans beings who belong to this world, what defines you is what you have and what you do. You will never be loved for what you are folks.
The only one who loves UNCONDITIONALLY for what you are is Jesus Christ.
He is the ONLY ONE who will never base His love on your actions, but gave His love by grace and for free; He loves you the way you are doesn’t matter what your past is or your mistakes. The only thing you have to do is to acknowledge Him as Savior and King of your life.
Richness can become an idol. Money can become an idol. Our business can become an idol. Or like it was in my case, the security in being married can become an idol. But all this won’t save you (neither will save me) dear reader. This-is-illusion.
Develop your relationship with Jesus, press on, don’t give up and you will discover somehow that nothing makes more sense than Jesus and His sacrifice for you.
You are loved, you are precious and your worth surpasses much more than the wealthiest countries in the world 😉
Kath Leen
There Is More Co.™

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