There is a big difference between knowing God and knowing God.

Alright, alright, alright I know your thought on this; But what in the world is she talking about, she just used the same word twice ^^

Yes but knowing God selfishly and knowing God unselfishly is absolutely not the same thing. And when I use the word « knowing », I mean here « to know Him in all the ways: as the God of love, the God of peace, the God of joy, the God who corrects like a dad, the God of patience and slow to anger etc…
Unless we step out of our self-centeredness and the way we think Jesus owns us happiness, we will never know God perfectly for who He is and expand our relationship with Him.

Take the example of Paul; it was never about him, it was never about his needs but always about Jesus. And trust me, as he was a well-known  Jew, student of Gamaliel and extremely appreciated by the High Priest and his “team” of fellow priests, he could have keep walking into pride and pretty high self-esteem, right?! But the moment he met Jesus, it has never been about him anymore and Paul got to know God in such an intimate way that their relationship almost makes me jealous ^^.

Come on, let’s read closer; Paul has been put to jail, beaten and mistreated but we never read once that he regretted his devotion for Jesus or that our God has been unfair to him. Paul and Jesus had what I would call a great friendship!

Paul understood one thing that for some reason, many Christians today don’t get at all: The goal of us being here is to glorify God and to serve His Kingdom, not ours. Not the little world and kingdom we imagined for us but indeed, the Kingdom of our All Mighty God. And again, without us knowing God personally, misunderstanding of who He is and disappointment will follow on the road.

The original plan for the human being is to worship God. God created us to worship Him and live in His presence. From there flows all the blessings He wants to give us. Why am I sure? because Psalm 37:4 says “Delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire”.

From there, we all know that putting God first in all what we do is an actual blessing because God will honor our faithfulness. And as He delights in us, His heart of Daddy wants to satisfy our soul.

Today, it’s really clear in my heart that Jesus is first and my life will never be the same as I am pulled closer to Him.

I realize personally how selfish I have been the past years. I always loved and knew God for sure, but oh boy in such a selfish way!

I always felt like God HAD to make me happy, if God says He loves me, He should make me happy.

But happiness doesn’t depend on how we feel today in certain circumstances. Happiness has a way deeper and bigger meaning. Being really happy is to know that we have a God who supplies and loves us no matter whatWe have a Jesus who paid the ultimate price on the cross and gave his life when we were the one supposed to do it. When we understand all what God has done for us and what He keeps doing, happiness takes another definition and direction. We start to be happy even in the midst of suffering, stress, craziness with life, disappointment with people and sickness because God is the strength of our joy. And we will understand this only if we start to know God.

Do you want to be HAPPY? It’s all about knowing Jesus. Don’t delay, ask God the Father to open your heart and touch it in order to get to know Him intimately.

Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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