Lately, I had a lot of girl questions. You know, not the type of question like « what shampoo would actually be the best for my hair? » or « should I really calm down on my smoothie addiction? » Or « Hey, I need a new pair of shoes, don’t I? ». Not those questions (though I admit all of the ones I just mentioned crossed my mind the past days… anyway, not the subject here ^^). No, I’m talking about the question of

what is our role here on earth as women and how can we fulfill this role ?

I am going to be lucid on this: I think we often go the wrong direction with the answer, at least in some areas of life.

Why? Because we are formatted by the actual world, by our sufferings and disappointments.

See, God gave us gifts and abilities to do a bunch of things and we unfortunately often pass beside our calling because of fearsfalse teaching and following the move.

We often have one idea of what we are made for. We stick to this idea because that’s the way it seems it has to be and maybe close people told us no less than this. Or maybe we stick to this idea because we simply never thought it could be different.

And then there are our scares, rejection, hurt, suffering and disappointments that are not helping us to develop our full potential and that makes us ending up wobbly. All those circumstances have not been here to help us I agree. But I am here to tell you that you and I, as a womanare called for so much greater and bigger than this!

In this article, let’s focus on one of the faculties we have as woman. I won’t talk on the other faculties  like being a mom or a spouse, despite the fact that of course it’s two of our main callings as woman I think, as God created us to be one flesh with our husband and to multiply.

Here, I would like to focus on one big calling that we actually have both of us as man AND also as woman

being fisher[men].

You see, Peter in the Bible had a job, he was a fisherman. A pretty good job for that period of time and it seems that Peter really enjoyed it. However, God had a bigger purpose for him: to fish people!

Peter had probably his batch of problems like everybody else has. Suffering, disappointments and trials probably didn’t spare him either. But still, that didn’t stop God to bring him to maturity in order to embrace his calling.

Same for you and I. We have our story, our sufferings and our disappointments. But this will not prevail God to make us enter into our destiny.

I actually do believe that God has bigger for me in storage. And for you as well, though you might be going through a displeasing time right now.

Let us embrace fully what we are going through because God will use it for victory. And whatever we are passing by, we need to engage FAITH because God answers always our faith.

Look at the Word ; Didn’t Peter leave everything he had, by faith, to follow Jesus and enter into his calling of fishing people? Let’s look closer at other people in the bible like Daniel. Isn’t faith in God that saved him from the furnace? Or look at Moses. Isn’t faith in God that opened the Red Sea for him and the Israelites?

It is because we engage faith that it pleases God to reply by miracles.

It will require you faith to believe that there is a calling on your life as it was on Peter’s life and that God wants to use you. Really, He wants.

And nope, faith in God won’t bring us all the answers. Today, I still have no answers why I had to go through two cancelled weddings and a broken heart, twice broken in a period of four years. But I know that if we sink in the love of our God, He answers by a rest and a peace that will go beyond mesure and He will use our trials for great victories.

So today, let’s become Peters you and I. Let’s go fish people by telling our story, our brokenness and by letting Jesus restore us.

The best advise I can give you is to press on doesn’t matter the situation. Press on into the Word and press on in prayers. Fight the right fight and start today. It is not too late. You are called for a bigger, greater and more awesome life. It doesn’t mean it will be easier. No, I am sorry to be truthful with you but as you will press on with God, life will get harder! Why? Because satan doesn’t want you to understand this truth that you are made for so much more. But as soon as you will experience and grasp God fullness, you will be able to face any trials in life and still be confident in His plan for your life.

Press onHave faith and embrace your calling of fisher[men] by using your story without any shame. God made you the way you are and to be at the exact place you are right now and He is not finished with you. Open you eyes dear reader because life is just starting!!


Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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