Yes, going through suffering hurts. I never heard that pain and suffering are enjoyable.

I often wondered why we have to go through things to actually grow.

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t stand hurt made to others. I just wanted to save the whole world from it. I wanted to work with people with handicap because I couldn’t stand people making fun of them. I wanted to work with animals because I couldn’t stand the hurt that scientists were inflicting them. I wanted to be friend with all the weird kids from school because I couldn’t stand when other kids where bullying them.

And unfortunately it came a time when I have been hurt; I have been the prey of mean kids; I have been the target of unwise adult’s critics, I have been the broken heart abandoned by the one I loved…

We live in a fallen world and we won’t be able to escape pain, suffering, sickness, brokenness. I wish I could give you a better and more positive reflection about it but it would only be trying to put a band aid on the wound. The truth is that we are all going to be wounded soon or later in life.

But there is, however, good news about this.

“Sorry…what? Good news? Hmmmmm what kind of good news can we extract from suffering?”

Ok, let me expose my point by giving you a few very concrete examples:

  • the story of the little grapes vine
  • the story of the broken engagement
  • the story of the humble Savior

This little grapes vine was beautiful and looking great and was producing much fruit. However, someday a gardener decided to cut it completely to the stalk.  It is horrible you might think! And why did he do this? What’s the point? It messes up the whole landscape and makes the vine suffer!

I agree yes. And without branches on the vine, there can be no fruit… But let us be patient. Because what we do not know is that one or two years later, this horrible act will actually help the vine to grow thicker and bigger and bear way more fruit. This pruning process seemed harsh on the first place but definitely vine saver at the end.

Now my story. Being engaged to my loved one; slowly and joyfully moving in my mind and life toward being a spouse and helper. And three weeks before our wedding day, being abandoned without real and valuable explanation (full story right here >>>). It hurts, it’s painful and suffering has been my closest “neighbor” for many months.

We definitely can talk about a pruning process in my life. But let us be patient… Because in the midst of pain and messed up landscape, I also saw many fruit growing in my Christian life and my relationship with my amazing Savior has radically changed to never be the same than before.

And let me end this article with the most painful and tragic story of humanity but also the most beautiful and loving kind: The crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross.

What biggest horrible suffering than this one? We hear and imagine this very moment and we wonder why? Why does this humble man have to die like this? We are not just talking about a basic crucifixion. We are talking about thousand people that had the desire of putting Jesus to shame! People that not only wanted to see Him die, but to also see Him suffer physically and psychologically. It’s not just about punishing someone for a certain act (that Jesus never has done by the way), it is about clearly and voluntarily trying to crush down and put to shame the most humble man on earth.

On this very hour of darkness on the cross, there is pain, hurt, rejection, abandonment and loneliness. On this cross, there is unbearable suffering that He however bore for our sake. And let us be patient… Because what we see as the most terrible and useless suffering (yes, some wonder “why should He suffer that much?!”), has been the most amazing pruning process for the salvation of all.

Do you see my point dear friend? Whatever suffering you find yourself in right now, I encourage you to boldly pray our Lord to endure it and to press on in faith that this pain is meant for something very specific that God will use for His glory!

Let us see “our trouble, in whatever form it comes to us, as a heavenly messenger that brings us something from God”  ~Streams In The Desert Devotional.


Press on dear friend. Remember that “Faith honors God and God honors faith”.

You are loved.

You are precious.

You are priceless.

Whatever comes your way, remember that There Is More.


Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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