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Alright, Revelation ALERT !! I couldn’t keep the following content for myself (sharing snuggle tiiiiiime !)

So I was praying and fasting a few days ago when I realized that God didn’t spare me just to live a pity life (and for no one actually!)! For some of you who don’t know yet, I am born with some big complications ; my mom got the listeriosis and when the doctors provoked the due date I was clinically dead. They brought me out and I wasn’t breathing already anymore. It took them quite a while to resuscitate me. As I grew up, by God’s grace I didn’t have any consequences on my brain or anything. The doctors today considerate me as a miracle (No kidding, and no outsized pride here :))

So, thinking about the way I am born and the way God saved my life, I can’t resign myself to think that it’s only to live a pity no exciting life. And that’s when I got this revelation.

Look, if you observe the life of Moses, you will realized that he didn’t either live to enjoy a pity no exciting life. Moses has been spared by God when he was a baby. Yes, remember, he is born at a time when the Pharaoh wanted to kill all the Hebrew newborn males. Moses was part of it. He-was-supposed-to-DIE!! But God had a ministry for him! And what is interesting here is that Moses haven’t only been spared and adopted in a classic and normal family ; but happened that he has been fished out by no less than Pharaoh’s daughter!!!

In order to one day fight the Pharaoh and set free the Israelites, Moses needed to know the Pharaoh and his habits. He needed to be soaked into the royal family, and understand its culture and idolatry for other gods. No doubt that growing in this environment helped him to feel even more compassion for the people of Israel. And God needed someone with such a heart to deliver his people. So actually, Moses since he was a baby, has been trained, educated, transformed (no less than 40 years in the desert) for the very day God would call him into battle.


When I opened my eyes on this particular story, I also understood why I have been going through such a birth. You see, when I was born this way (clinically dead because of the listeriosis), the doctors had no choice than to take me from my mom and after saving my life, putting me in an incubator for a month. No touch, no smell, no skin contact have been given to me when I came to this world. And this brought a huge feeling of abandonment in my early childhood, though my parents where so loving and kind. Then I went through sentimental disasters and abandonment and especially the past summer when my fiancé broke up for no reason 3 weeks before the wedding. I had to be brought on the bottom of this pit called « despair » to finally turn myself to Jesus and say « I am all yours, use me for your glory God! » And that’s when I understood that in order to minister for broken hearts, I had surely to be broken myself. Who else than someone who has suffered, can speak to people who suffer?

Moses had to feel that he wasn’t at his place during his early life in the Pharaoh’s house, in order to someday understand the people of Israel that wasn’t at its place in Egypt. This understanding and compassion have been somewhere the motivation of his fight for them.

And my suffering is my motivation to speak to broken hearts and make sure they know God loves them and will surely turn their trials into victories.

I needed to be prepared and trained for the amazing calling that God has on my life. I don’t know yet how God is going to use me but I know one thing : I understand your pain. I understand your nightmare. I understand your scars and if your desire me to pray for you, you can count on « tinny crumb » (yes…that’s my nickname at CrossFit ah !). Above all, remember the first one who understands you perfectly and will never leave you is Jesus Christ.

Psalm 94:14

The Lord will not reject his people; he will not abandon his special possession. 

Be blessed !


Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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