Here we go. Here you are. Right on the edge of the cliff full of questions. You might be 20, 40 or 60 years old, this question comes back every day now: What in the world am I doing here? What is my goal on this planet? Everything is blurry, nothing makes sense. Perhaps at the moment you are employed in a company or have a job that doesn’t answer your heart’s desire AT ALL. Perhaps you are a mom at home and dream of a radical change? Perhaps you just obtained your graduation, about to start in the professional life and you wonder if the area you studied in is really what you want in life?

Very often, all these questions are the beginning of a wave of a hundred others that just jumped into your mind or are about to, trust me. It’s exactly where I am at the very hour I’m writing you.

“Yes, ok. But from there, what do I do? I am lost! How can I get out of here?”

Well good news! The simple fact that you ask yourself the question proves that you are already in the process of an awakening and I would like even to say a spiritual awakening! Because God created ALL OF US for a reason. We ALL have a mission on earth; a mission with friends around us, within our family and it’s because something more awaits you that you came to this point today, with all these repetitive questions that seems more like “a cliff” where you could slip at any time!

Again, I am there too. It is obvious that when we end up in this situation, it seems difficult to turn back. But WHAT IF there was more dear reader? WHAT IF what we live weren’t the only thing that God wants us to live?

And this very question brings us back to the fundamental of course: FAITH. It requires a lot of faith to believe in a future we don’t see yet, in promises that are to come. But by the end, isn’t the very essence of faith? Does not faith “shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see”? (Hebrews 11:1)

Dear reader, God desires for us to believe His Word without other evidence, AND THEN He is ready to do for us “according to [our] faith”. God gives us promises and He doesn’t lie. Don’t believe God is inactive because this is to under-estimate Him. When God delays His plans for us, it’s only because He prepares His instruments and matures our strength. He is never in a hurry. He spends years preparing those He plans to greatly use, and never thinks of the days of preparation as being long and boring. This time is primordial to make you enter into your destiny. God is in the process of educating you for future service and greater blessings. So don’t try to run impulsively ahead of the Lord because only He knows best what is good for your and when you will be ready to enter into your ministry!

Trust me, if you feel stuck where you are, in the incapacity to move on because it seems there is no way, be patient, pray and ask God to reveal you signs and wonders!


Something else awaits you.

What people have seen in a distance, you will see it closer if you press on!

And again, waiting will require a lot of faith. But remember, as Lisa Bevere (American pastor) said, we are not coming  on our parents inheritance, we are coming on Abraham legacy of faith; Abraham is called the father of faith. Move on in faith.

Remember also that faith is not blurry. Faith is a substance and when it takes place, it allows God to work through it.

Start to dream, set goals and let God do His work. The only thing that you need to do on your side is to trust by faith and to persevere.

Persevere… « pierce » and your life will « veer »


Kath Leen

There Is More Co.™

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