Bonjour Y’all.

My name is Kathleen and I (and my team) am so happy to welcome you here!

I created this website to encourage all the women, men and couples all around the world to find hope in Jesus Christ although the brokenness they are going through seems to tell them there is no hope anymore, shutting down their faith.

We live in a crazy world where standards are fixed by people around us when it should be fixed by Jesus only.

And I am here to show you how we can navigate through this world when we’ve been brokenhearted by past relationships or as someone full of dreams and with a heart waiting for the right one, and still having faith in a better future because God has an amazing plan for each one of us. If you have a calling for marriage, don’t give up, trust in the Lord and He surely will guide you toward the right one. As Ashley Empowers says « Have a spirit of expectancy »!

Some information about me now.

First, I am a daughter of the most High and belong to Jesus. He is actually the purpose of my life and behind all what I do including this website.

I am single for now and navigate through the raging river of life, with Jesus as captain of the ship.

Beside this, I absolutely love traveling and discovering different cultures and people. Languages fascinate me and I am never against a good local meal that shows me a bit more about the differences between the world countries.

I am goofy, funny, tell jokes that I believe are hilarious and will hug you for sure when we will meet as I am well known as the French hugger ☺


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